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About group charter service

With all of the comfort and luxury of flying first class, with additional cargo options too, we will make your company’s trip one to remember. Regardless of how demanding your schedule might be, we will without a doubt meet all the requirements necessary for providing you with the best possible experience.
One of the biggest selling points of our services is our worldwide emergency response. You will not have to go through days or weeks of travel preparations because we can arrange everything for you and, in a matter of hours, send you and your employees or students off to the desired destination anywhere in the world. We are experienced with organizing group charter programs no matter how large the group. When you need to get to that special event which is located thousands of miles away, there is no need for worry as our offices situated around the globe will ensure that your passengers are provided with the best, direct route to your chosen destination, spending no more time in air than needed.
The only problem you may encounter with us is that, when you experience the level of luxury and comfort of our airplanes, you will want to spend even more hours flying with us. We arrange group charter flights for a variety of international companies and their employees, and if you wish to see why they choose us, try it out for yourself and find out.

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