Cargo charter

About cargo charter service

We offer urgent charter flights for your cargo, too. Without regard to what you want transferred, whether it is oil and gas, cars or something else, we are at your disposal. Our service will provide the best solution for your needs and give you all the necessary information on safety measures and precautions vouching for your goods’ security. We are extremely cautious with even the most dangerous of materials which are transferred through our private cargo charter service.

Our cargo team will meet your demands in less than an hour and provide you with the best service for a lower price than our competitors. Urgent cargo charter flights are our specialty. Speed, efficiency and excellent customer service are what our clients like the most about us. What is more, your freight can be tracked at any time, allowing you to, with a stable internet connection and a tracking number which we present, know its exact location at any given moment.

The Door To Door solution is another one of the many options we offer to our clients: transferring your shipment from one address to another making sure it arrives exactly where you want it, noticing you upon its arrival at its final stop.

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